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The context of Morocco Kids Project

This Morocco Kids Project is aimed at the following objectives:

Building bridges between children living in Morocco and their Moroccan pairs living in other countries over the world.
o coach these kids in order to help develop their abilities to acquire new skills and improve their educational performance.

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To achieve such noble goals, the Morocco Kids Project will focus on three areas:


Building bridges between Moroccan kids and their pairs in Morocco

As children represent the future, the program will focus on building bridges between children living in Morocco and their Moroccan pairs living in other countries over the world. Kids residing abroad will be given an opportunity to come to Morocco and share learning sessions altogether with their fellow citizens living in Morocco. On the long term, a database and a network among these kids will be built to keep them connected to each other in the future.


Personal Development and capacity building

Statistics show that in 1965, 4,500 people of Moroccan origin lived in the Netherlands. In 1971, such a population knew a growth to 22,000 persons. The age structure of the Moroccan population in the Netherlands was, in the sixties, characterized as a typical migrants structure (men in the majority and a few young people and the elderly). The age structure has largely changed due to the process of family reunification accentuated since the eighties.

Nowadays, there are 400,000 Moroccans in the Netherlands. Among them, 137,000 are children aged between 1 and 18. Indeed, more than 36% of the total number of people in the Netherlands of Moroccan origin are children who will determine the future for people with Moroccan roots. The third and fourth generations will need to learn some personal development skills during programs such as:

  • provide Moroccan children with clear insights for a successful and a bright future;
  • allow Moroccan children to think constructively about the future;
  • create space to allow Moroccan children, mainly by means of relevant projects;
  • to help Moroccan children acquire the skills they will require to solve problems in the future;
  • encourage awareness in children in order to help build their capacity to acquire useful knowledge at an early age so that they can effectively manage their future and meet the forthcoming challenges; and
  • help the children take benefit of the self-confidence theory and its application.



Approach to reach the Morocco Kids Project goals

Action plan to reach the Morocco Kids Project goals

To achieve the Morocco Kids Project goals coaching programs will be used through various online and live classes. Each program will consist of 12 classes. Every class contain 1 or more videos, 1 or more audio files and a workbook. The workbook will include assignments and quizzes. The program requires that children actively participate and to carry out the assignments.

During the coaching classes a strategy will be learned to be applied in every area. Each program is supposed to last one term (12 weeks). Then, a yearly program will bring together some elected kids residing abroad with some of their pairs living in Morocco. The yearly program will be held in three regions of Morocco, with the hope to cover the 12 regions of Morocco.


The Morocco Kids Project Target Group

 The beneficiaries of the Morocco Kids Project

The Morocco Kids Project will focus on kids living in the Netherlands, as well as their fellow pairs in Morocco. Moreover, the Morocco Kids Project has an ambition to broaden its scope to be extended to other countries where Moroccan kids are living.


The difficulties the target group is facing

According to some surveys, it has been stressed that the Moroccan teenagers are nowadays facing some difficulties such as:

  • education failure;
  • career failure; and
  • vulnerability to criminal activities.

Therefore, many efforts are required to help these kids overcome such difficulties. The current project is willing to join and be committed to such efforts.


Partnership and Cooperation

The Morocco Kids Project will be implemented in partnership with Moroccan NGO’s, based in the Netherlands and in Morocco. The genuine involvement of these NGO’s is most welcome altogether with the commitment and effective assistance of Moroccan Diplomatic and Consular missions based abroad.

To fulfill the goals of the Morocco Kids Project, cooperation with some  national and international institutions is also an asset.


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